Feed my sheep.

I went to sleep last night praying for teenagers trapped in a mountain cave in Thailand. When I awoke to the news that at least four of them have made it out, I burst into tears. I have not been able to tear my heart away from this story since the first reports of the […]

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Sensory Overload

I am standing in the shower, trying to concentrate on the sensation of water on my skin. I am trying to settle my mind for just a moment. And to breathe. It is an exercise in futility, because the screaming from my bedroom is impossible to ignore. It is a biological imperative—screams of anguish should […]

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Hilarious in hindsight.

I was remembering this day recently. When I tell this story, I’m usually in tears, laughing by the end. So maybe this will make you laugh today too. Four years ago, we were moving from Florida to Washington State. Before leaving Florida, we sold one car and shipped our other car, a small hatchback with […]

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More Tears.

It happened again last night. The Olympics made me cry. Thank goodness they’re nearing an end or I might need therapy. This time, it was Women’s Figure Skating. I stayed up way past my bedtime last night to see if Mirai Nagasu, for whom I have a special mile-wide soft spot, would land her triple […]

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Note: I started writing this last week. I have spent days trying to force my words into the template of “share authentic struggle, but end on inspirational note so we’re brought to the edge of discomfort but don’t have to sit with it too long.” After more than a week of wrestling, I still can’t […]

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Choose Your Own Advent(ure)

(Note: I meant to post this last night, but in the spirit of what you’ll see below, that didn’t quite happen.) Tonight is the tenth night of Advent. Ready or not, Christmas is two weeks away—a reality that feels like a lifetime away to my children, but like the headlights of a rapidly closing eighteen […]

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On a Roll

Yesterday there was an awards assembly at my daughter’s elementary school. She did not receive an award. It should not have been a particularly memorable day. But she did remember it. She remembered her friends’ entire class made the honor roll. She also remembered that in her class, only two kids didn’t make it: that […]

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